International Arms Smuggling

I found working in the arms smuggling arena one of the most trying times I have ever experienced. We are in trouble folks, as long as this practice continues. I chased Victor Bout, the noted arms smuggler that is currently awaiting trial in the United States.

He is only the tip of the iceberg and in my book I delve deeper into the arcane world of trafficking and the eventual tools that kill people throughout the world. It is not an easy task in tracking down these criminals of society. It is a world shrouded in mystery and Intrigue. This is a big money business with people here and abroad that reap the whirlwind of profits from this inhuman practice.

I know that governments do it to keep countries aligned with them which is an unfortunate practice that reflects loudly on our dark side.

Mankind is still riddled with this primal instinct that somehow must be overcome. How? Now one has a simple or a long answer and only time can and the good efforts from good hearts can act as a challenge. As Governments and as individuals we must find a way or our very survival will be the price we pay.