Undercover Work

The Ronald Fino files

Enter the real world of intelligence and covert activity. This is not a fictional novel or a movie! This is the real world and what takes place in the world of shadows, even though Fino traveled the world and spent a portion of his life in the shadowland. He, like anyone else that ventures there, realized it is not that easy to obtain what you set out for nor a simple road to follow. When you read his story you enter the true and sometimes graphic reality of what Fino refers to as this life I chose.

In this section you will see for yourself many of the secret files that Ronald Fino and the FBI kept. Most FBI confidential reports are limited to Fino’s activity with Local 210 and the Laborers International Union. For security reasons many of Fino’s reports are not published and are unavailable. There is enough to open anyone’s eyes who take the time to review them. There is however a few reports filed under his code name which was Gorky.

Do not let anyone decide for you, remember there are many- many mobsters, corrupt politicians and businessmen and women who are mentioned here and in the book. They already have spent more than a million dollars trying to defame him with no success. They will not stop and via their lawyers and Pr representatives will condemn Fino and tell you not do believe what you have seen, heard or read. They will tell you the mob is a figment of Ronald Fino’s imagination, his fantasy. They have and will continue to hold sway some media sources who depend on advertisement from the mob and its controlled businesses.

Make up your own mind what is true and who is lying, hidden agendas and those armed with brilliant mouth pieces. Ronald Fino would be the first one to tell you to look at the evidence and make up your own mind.