Michael Rizzo

A resident of Buffalo, New York, Mike has a gifted talent for capturing the difficult subject of organized crime and putting it into words for all to read. I must point out that it takes a lot of bravery and determination to take on the current and deceased members and associates of the mafia. Why I say this! The mob has money, powerful attorneys, public relations firms, political connections and strong ties throughout the community and its citizenry. They even have ties to some reporters that can degrade his worthy message. Of course like most of us, we know at least part the truth about the Cosa Nostra at its murderous ways. I didn’t know until we chatted about his knowledge of the Buffalo Crime family. Michael then published “Gangsters and Organized Crime in Buffalo which became an immediate hit with its readers and me. When I started to write my book, I needed someone to look over my shoulder and correct grammar mistakes I may have made. Even though my publisher, Contento De Semrik would be performing the editing, I felt that giving this fine young family man an opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of Western New York could hopefully bring his skills to the attention of a wider audience as well as his being of great assistance to me. Equally; He put together this website and I am so appreciate of his kind words and the superb work he has done. He deserves all the praise and recognition that I as well as many others bestow upon. As you can see I like him very much. You can read more about his published works at Facebook.

James McGough

Is the Director of Laborers for JUSTICE, a group of reform minded union members trying to eliminate corruption from the Laborers International union and it’s mobbed up affiliates. I have known Jimmy for many years and I am so proud of the fine work he has done in his attempts to bring reform to the workers and members of this union. He was of great assistance with reviewing my manuscript and I am so proud that he is a close friend of mine.

To the Men and Women of the FBI / CIA / Department of Labor / Department of Justice / United States Armed Forces / Canadian Security Intelligence Service

There are so many of my colleagues, associates and friends I truly wish to thank for all their ever present assistance and the courage to go on. When confronted with disparaging and adverse remarks and reporting; these valorous men and women would always say “try not to let it bother you, eventually the truth will be known.” I do try and mention many of them in my book dedication and cannot put into words the heartfelt feelings I have for them and their dedication to keeping us all safe and warm.

To all those Reporters, Political Representatives, mentors, living and deceased family members and friends.

What can I say but thank you so much, for having the fortitude to stand by me in my darkest hours! When I felt abandoned and ridiculed for taking on the mob, illegal arms traders and criminal activity here and abroad, you were always there for me. I truly and deeply thank you for your support.